Jikke Madelief Sara Lesterhuis

Jikke Lesterhuis was born in 1997 in Enschede, the Netherlands. She is currently based in West Cork, Ireland. She works with different media such as animation, field recording, installation, and sculpture making her work multidisciplinary. A central theme that recurs with persistence is her deep-rooted fascination for movement and a reference to man’s relationship with nature. Jikke is obsessed with the absurd; the fundamental disharmony between our search for meaning and the meaninglessness of the universe. Therefore, she believes in questions rather than answers. With curiosity, experimentation, and fantasy at the helm of her art practice, she tries to find her way through the absurd and disclose different elements, political, social or cultural, that could be held responsible for the creation of our worldview. She aims to reveal the narrative of hidden things as she peers into the enormous, quiet world of things underfoot, and to foster empathy and interconnectedness among different species. Her art practice is related to the world around us, her own reality, and fantasies and strange figments of Jikke’s imagination.